Today I am a boring person

I am boring Today I am a boring person.

I stayed at school instead of going home so that I could meet with my project partners and work on my many many papers.

There is no one else in the apartment.

And today, I feel boring.

My desk is cluttered with engineer’s work. Doesn’t look too exciting.

Instead of doing interesting things, I did what usual college students do, I went on facebook for a long time. Really… really… it’s not that exciting. I don’t see why people do it all the time. In the end I have learned nothing and achieved nothing in such a long period of time.

I made a list of all the things that I need to do. What a boring list. I added to the list to remind myself to cook and eat. In my boring-ness I decided to listen to some music, but all the exciting music was too much to handle today. So instead I’m listening to boring music to match my mood.

I made some meatloaf. But today it was a loaf shape. No dogs, no whales, no hearts.

And then I overcooked it. It was dry and slightly burnt.

Our group didn’t finish our project, though it was the goal of the day.

The end.


One response to “Today I am a boring person

  • Elliot

    Now that you’ve been a boring person, what’s next?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog post…

    “Today I am a sleepy person”

    “Today I am a funny person”


    “Today I am a funky person”

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