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Guadalajara 2010 :D

Vamos a la Guadalajara! Surprise! For the last two summers and springs, I’ve been given the opportunity to serve in Ensenada, Mexico with my brothers and sisters from my Christian fellowship at UCLA, Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF). This summer God is doing something new! For the first time in AACF LA history, we’ll be sending a team down to Guadalajara, Mexico (GDL) instead of Ensenada! Although I’ll miss getting to see our family in Ensenada, I’m excited for the things that God has in store J Going to a new place and starting a new ministry, we don’t know exactly what to expect. God will surprise us all!

Our team will be leaving for GDL on August 7th and returning August 14th after a week of relationship building, encouraging, and fun! We are partnering with Adventures in Life Ministries (AIL) once again and will be building up the ministry that they have already established. We will be serving Pastor Raul’s Rey de Reyes (King of Kings) Baptist church and hopefully a few other churches in the area. During the week we’ll be holding a VBS and sharing God’s love with the children in the area. On Thursday of the week, we hope to take some of the kids to the zoo! For many of them it will be their first time. Even though many of the families live close by the city, they usually lack the financial resources to enjoy a small field trip like thisJ. In terms of living situations, it’ll be a new experience as we will be staying in the homes of the members of the church. We’ll get a chance to pray for the families of the church and encourage them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

I hope that you will partner with me on this new adventure and exciting work 😀 Once again I will be co-leading the team, this time with my good friend Terry Gee! Both of us have been to Ensenada several times with AACF, but this will be our first time in GDL. Please pray for wisdom and faithfulness in preparing our own hearts as well as leading the rest of the team in true worship and service of God. According to Dave (from AIL), we’re there to give those kids the best time of their lives! Pray for hearts of love and patience so that we may be visual examples of God’s love for them 🙂 For my self, I would like to see my faith increase! Last time I was in Ensenada I began learning more about praying specifically. I pray that God would give me the courage and faith to pray specifically to him in full confidence of His power and His provision. It only takes the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains, but even that amount of faith is sometimes hard to have.

Of course there is also a financial obligation for each team member to meet in order to pay for materials and living costs during the week. If you are interested in supporting me financially, please contact me so I can send you a support slip 😀

Thank you once again for all of your love and support  😀 Our team has been practicing our Spanish every week in order to better minister to the families we’ll be spending time with. I pray that I’ll be able to communicate well with the people in GDL and set a good precedent for  (hopefully) future teams that AACF will be sending to GDL. I can’t wait to come back and share with you about Guadalajara and the wonderful things that God is doing!!

Your sister in Christ,

Audrey 🙂