It’s a sad thing

when you go to work and the first thing your project manager does is look at you and says in a sympathetic voice, “Did you have a final this morning?”

Do I really look that bad? hahaha

Between work, school, discipleship, and other things in life… it’s been… crazy to say the least. I’m definitely thankful for all the opportunities that God has given me 🙂 But I’m also very tired.

This Sunday I went to Cornerstone in West LA – I think it was just what I needed. The pastor spoke about necessity of prayer especially when you have a condemning heart. It’s important to bring all of you, sin, exhaustion, failures, joys… everything to God in prayer. That reminder combined with hearing Joni talk about waking up everyday with a prayer of dependence on God has really helped me get through these last few weeks 🙂

Thanks God. For everything 🙂


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