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Post-pi day!

Happy belated pi day!

Pi!The yummy homemade pie I received from the friends across the hall while studying for finals (like the concrete design background behind the pies?

Compared to my day of boring, the last two days have been not boring.

Yesterday I was authoritative.
Today I am productive!
(following from my last post)

I helped a friend proctor a final. Pretty cool! I helped print out the packet of papers and bring them to the class. I wrote the time on the board and checked everyone’s ID’s to make sure they were who they said they were. I looked up every once in a while to make sure there was no cheating. I collected the papers as people finished their finals and walked out the door. I also directed all questions to the other proctor. No, I cannot answer questions about peer to peer programming despite my Google sweatshirt.

Today I finished up three classes, which is why I feel entitled now to do something other than work for a little while. This morning I took my final for concrete design. This afternoon our group finished our report of the design of an aerated lagoon waste water treatment plant. And just now my other group printed out our report on pre- and post-fire hydrologic modeling. Tomorrow the goal is to finish my research report. The likely hood of me attaining this goal is slim.

Meanwhile my apartment mate has been sleeping, shopping, sewing, and painting all day. Oh the pain of research papers.

Sad meatloaf Today I also ate the last of this monstrosity. It is my burnt and dry meatloaf.
Number of meals = 5.
Yes. This is how I eat during finals week.
Time to move to the next meat to eat for the next few days.
I must find a recipe for chicken.


Today I am a boring person

I am boring Today I am a boring person.

I stayed at school instead of going home so that I could meet with my project partners and work on my many many papers.

There is no one else in the apartment.

And today, I feel boring.

My desk is cluttered with engineer’s work. Doesn’t look too exciting.

Instead of doing interesting things, I did what usual college students do, I went on facebook for a long time. Really… really… it’s not that exciting. I don’t see why people do it all the time. In the end I have learned nothing and achieved nothing in such a long period of time.

I made a list of all the things that I need to do. What a boring list. I added to the list to remind myself to cook and eat. In my boring-ness I decided to listen to some music, but all the exciting music was too much to handle today. So instead I’m listening to boring music to match my mood.

I made some meatloaf. But today it was a loaf shape. No dogs, no whales, no hearts.

And then I overcooked it. It was dry and slightly burnt.

Our group didn’t finish our project, though it was the goal of the day.

The end.