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Scootering and Gardening

Red Fish Blue Fish

Today was super exciting! Since it rained yesterday, we barely went out at all and had to squish everything into today 🙂 [Though yesterday we did get to buy a really really cool backpack from a mountain co-op… that’s yesterday’s highlight… and also seeing if we could stuff all our stuff in it like Tynan].

So we started the day with lunch! We went to a little place called Red Fish Blue Fish, supposedly the best in town for fish and chips (the guy who recommended it said it was stupidly ridiculously good…). And indeed it was delicious!

Oyster Tacone!We ordered tacones (taco-cones) with oyster and fish and chips (using salmon) mMMMmmmmm, the tacone was delicious and so was the salmon.

Then we headed off to scootering! We rented gas powered scooters to travel around town (well it was mainly wanting to ride scooters and so then we traveled around town) since someone back at RCEFC recommended it (excellent recommendation by the way).

Scootering by the coast!Luckily they gave a bit of free lessons (well… basically he taught us how to start it and then had us practice in the parking lot) and then sent us off into the city!! It was so much fun! People should ride scooters in our area more 🙂

We rode on the coast and saw beautiful views of the ocean. We took a couple of stops to look at the view, watch dogs… and poke jelly fish 😀

Then we scootered back by going through the city. Driving through the city and driving by the coast are both fun and very different experiences.The beach was gorgeous, but the city driving was exciting 🙂

Nice scenic beach viewJelly fish!

After a nice scooter ride, we headed for the Butchart Gardens (since everyone says that you need to visit the gardens if you’re in Victoria).

At Butchart Gardens!It was well worth it! The gardens are beautiful! At first I though it would be like Huntington Library, (and thought it had some similarities) but it was actually very different. At Huntington, the gardens are indeed arranged nicely so that they resemble the gardens you would see in a particular country or area (it is also ridiculously large and you get pretty tired after a while)

But in these gardens it was more like taking flowers and plants and arranging them well… did that make sense? The colors were extremely vivid and complemented the flowers surrounding them. There were many fountains and even little water shows scattered around.  A lot of the flowers I had never seen before (or smelled… we smelled this one that smells like chocolate!). Much fun much fun 🙂 And It was fun again just to hang out with my cool bro! Tomorrow we’ll be heading home 😦 🙂 mixed feelings.