To Victoria!

On our way onto the Ferry!Today we left for Victoria!

We moved out early in the morning and headed down to Tswassen where the ferries dock is.

The ferry terminals are just like the ones at the airport, it almost felt like we were going to fly home!

The BC ferries are so large that they carry not only people, but also trucks, buses, and cars! The ride was smooth and we didn’t get sea sick at all πŸ™‚

Yay ferry ride!We also got to hear a few interesting facts about Vancouver Island and the islands surrounding it. I came a little late for the session and didn’t hear it all, but I did get to hear about how they made their first lighthouses! It’s quite spectacular really. The method of using lenses to magnify the light and send it out 25km! We even got to look at one of the lenses. When shining light on it, the lens brings all the light and focuses it at its center making the beam that comes out extremely strong! So well engineered!

In dowtown VictoriaWhen we got to the island, we took the bus to downtown. Unfortunately google isn’t in sync with the buses in Victoria so finding our way around using public transportation is a lot harder. We got off at the wrong bus stop and then just decided to walk the 40 minutes to the hotel with our luggage. It was a great way to see some cool parts of downtown πŸ™‚

Once we got to the hotel we made sure to look up the bus schedules and figure out the best way into town.

On the Galloping Goose TrailBut regardless, we decided that it was a nice day so we took the Galloping Goose trail into Chinatown πŸ™‚

We were quite amazed by the restaurant we ate at. There was almost no Chinese on the menu and the waiters all had perfect English. The tea pots had tea that had already been steeped and had no leaves in it. If it weren’t for the semi-rude old Chinese lady staff, I wouldn’t have known we were in a Chinese restaurant at all!

At the Ghostly WalksAfter a yummy dinner, we headed over forΒ  Ghostly Walk. Apparently many cities do tourist walks like this, but I’ve never heard of it. According to the guide, Victoria is one of the most haunted cities because so much has happened here. Every night of the week they go through a different part of the town telling ghost stories and telling a little history of things that had happened in the town in the past. I don’t know if I believe all the stories or how much about ghosts I believe or understand, but it was a fun and interesting tour anyway. We got to learn a little of the history of the town and look at some buildings we probably wouldn’t have noticed if we hadn’t joined in.

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