Last full day in Richmond


Today was our last full day in Richmond and it was well spent 🙂

We started the day off by going to RCEFC 🙂

It seems like everyone there is getting engaged… last week there was announcement about a wedding and someone’s engagement…this week there was lots of talk about another engagement…fancy that!

BBQ at Emily's!Then after church, Emily invited us over to join in the H&C (Hospitality and Care team) BBQ!

Tons of fun, tons of delicious, tons of friends (well.. not tons of friends, but lots of new friends 🙂

They’re silly just like us. They make weird jokes, just like us… but they all speak a lot of canto… not like us.

Kevin on the small BBQThe boys playing Deall

Then at night we had dinner with…well sort of… with the nice Japanese couple that’s staying in the room we were staying in before. They’re really nice and have traveled many places. The husband took an English class in Toronto and now their in Richmond just for vacation, going back to Japan on Sunday. The most interesting part of our conversation when he stopped and asked why we didn’t bring our own chopsticks… they brought theirs all the way from Japan!

The other day I bought a pair of traveling chopsticks that I’ve been wanting for a long time 🙂 now I can bring them everywhere like them!

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