New Friends at UBC!

A lovely path by campus So we try to do one new place a day. It’s a good pace. Today we went to UBC.

Amazing! I really enjoy how green everything is here compared to home. Right next to campus there’s this nice foresty area with nice paths and everything.

Everywhere I look I seem to see green. The best!

Anyway, we went with the intention of trying to be like normal college students… too bad classes weren’t in session or else we would probably go to one.

IMG_0042Of course we had to go to the engineering buildings. We looked around the CS building a bit. Barely anyone was around. We did get to talk to one Grad student. He was really nice.

Then we happened upon the Thunderbird Robotic Soccer Team. They were all so cool, just like my friends in the robotics team at UCLA haha. They were building a small robot that would play soccer. After talking with them a while, they started leaving to their respective places, then one of them invited us over for dinner πŸ™‚ So friendly

BBQ at Jason's place :)It was quite fun πŸ™‚ he has a wonderful Rottweiler and a welcoming family. I could tell though that his mom was a little flustered that he invited over some strangers from California… haha.

We had some delicious BBQ, showed them some of Elliot’s apps and I got to play catch with their dog πŸ™‚

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