Steveston… not Stevenston

Getting Timothy's delicious frozen yogurt!Yum yum yum! Today Vinci and Esther from RCEFC took us to look around Steveston! We hit the normal hangout places such as Timothy’s! They have delicious homemade waffle cones and delicious frozen yogurt made right there, delicious and fresh! You choose the fruit that you want and they scoop it right in front of you, put it in the grinder and out comes your frozen yogurt on a warm just made cone 🙂 the best!

The dockWe took our frozen yogurt and walked around the docks a bit. There’s lots of boats and the wood looks a little dilapidated, but that’s ok.

Then we went to visit the cannery. We didn’t actually take the tour because it cost $7.50 and I think Vinci and Esther did a pretty good job of telling us what was on the tour anyhow. We also go to look around some of the cute little shops in the area. I noticed that there seem to be more tea shops in Canada than in the US… and they always have lots of fruity teas that I don’t particularly like…

The cannery The museum

I also noticed that lots of their towns seem to have small museums. We went to the town’s museum that used to be their first bank. It’s been made into a post office/ museum.

Coolest Park!Fun... circle thing...

Then we went to the park! It was amazing! They had little zip line like things for the kids, cool little obstacles, tire swings, a water park area, a rock wall, and this cool circle thing that I couldn’t exactly figure out what it was for… and so much more! We spent quite a bit of time there just being kids 🙂

Then after we went to Aberdeen for dinner!! And it wasn’t closed!! We had Strawberry Cones pizza, the famous Japanese pizza. We had one without sauce, potato salad, tuna, and cheese. Quite an interesting experience… it was pretty good. Later we ate one of the coolest desserts!

Frappe!It’s called Frappe! We got a green tea frappe. I want to open a frappe/ bakery now.

We also had a very successful shopping trip. We bought some snacks and things to bring for the BBQ on Sunday as well as some nice organizers for Elliot and cute chopsticks with a case for me (just what I always wanted!)!

I also met this nice girl at the store who asked me to help her decide what color leggings to buy D: too bad I don’t know anything about fashion… I hope I helped her make a good decision.

Then it rained. It was pretty exciting.

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