G-chat is the best!

Today was an exciting day! We planned for one thing and ended up doing another.

Today we100_9627 were hoping to go to the Vancouver Hacker Space (VHS), so we upgraded our bus tickets and took the skytrain all the way to Waterfront.

Being in the more downtownsy area was pretty fun. It really looks (and smells) a lot like downtown LA. Same look and feel. I wonder if all downtowns are the same.

Anyway, to get to VHS we had to walk down an ally through the back of buildings. It seemed kind of sketchy.

Outside of VHSUnfortunately, when we got there no one was in. Apparently we came at a bad time.

Even though it was in a creepy back alley, I was amazed by some of the art on the walls and had to take pictures. They were beautifully spray painted on… it reminded me of going to the county fair and seeing people selling their spray paint art as they painted it right there in front of you. Really, well done 🙂

In the elevator to the rotating restaurantWe walked about for a bit and looked at stores and went to the mall before we ate dinner.

One of the things we took a look at was eating at the rotating restaurant. It costs $15 to go to the look out… or you can eat at the restaurant and the view is the same. So we rode up to the restaurant. When we got there we found out that you have to order an entree and the entrees cost about $20-30 and they’re all fancy and stuff… so we didn’t stay there for dinner… but we still got to see a lot of the view while going up the elevator and standing at the front desk looking at the menu.

100_9636So instead of eating at that very expensive place with food that I don’t really care for, we went to a very cheap Japanese restaurant with food that i really really like :). $17.30 for 24 pieces of sushi (4 with salmon, 4 with tempura yam, and the rest California rolls), delicious tempura, and a big bowl of udon that we couldn’t finish D:

Not only that, we got to use their free wifi and video chat with the fam back at home 🙂 how lovely. Definitely a better experience than eating in a fancy restaurant that spins around in circles while you eat.

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