It’s like home… but not

Everyone speaks English… but the majority of the people in the area are Asian. Not only are they Asian, but a lot of them are Chinese. Not only are they Chinese, but they also all speak CANTO! Seriously, I know waaay more Cantonese speakers than Mandarin speakers. They should have Cantonese classes. If you start one, I would come.

Outside of RCEFCIn other news, this Sunday we went to Richmond Chinese Evangelical Free Church! Our other … sister church? I know that Pastor Chan visits here a lot πŸ™‚

It reminds me a lot of home and the people here are wonderful, they’re goofy and crazy just like us. The English congregation seems to know more Chinese than ours though… or at least they practice it more πŸ™‚

Pastor Allen’s message was Lovingly Pull, Faithfully Push. I really enjoyed the message once again! I feel like this is something I’ve been needing to learn more about… and that God’s been teaching me more about. I’ve been going through the book of Job and on Monday I was reading the part (well there are many parts) in which Job showed his frustration with his friends because all they could say was that he was a sinner. He asked or he was looking for a way in which he could rid his life of the sin they might see… but they didn’t see any… all they could say were discouragements. Instead we should be giving encouragements. Job says “my mouth would encourage you; comfort from my lips would bring you relief”.

Anyway, one cool part was that he read from Hebrews 10 and reaffirmed what I visioned more for our Acts group at home. Two ways to push one another in our faith are 1. To not give up meeting with one another, and 2. to encourage one another πŸ™‚ Hopefully we as a church family can do that together! He specifically said, meeting once a month is not enough. I think he was probably talking about church service as well… but ya, I’m glad we decided to meet weekly πŸ™‚

Connecting our circular tables together!After service some of our new friends gave us a nice tour around the church and then invited us to lunch πŸ™‚ We went to a nice Chinese restaurant. For a while it was just our group so we pushed the circular tables together in an attempt to all sit together haha it was quite a spectacle. Then our nice new friends took us to a store so we could buy more bus tickets and some nail clippers πŸ™‚ Yes, I really really needed to clip my nails haha.

At Karis' good bye partyThen at night we had a surprise going away party for our new friend Karis. She’s going to Spain and Switzerland to study abroad! How exciting!

They’re college/ young adult get togethers are just like ours, crazy, random and fun. We played Taboo (their cards are confusing because the cards are in English and French). Apparently they usually play Taboo in Cantonese just to make it more interesting, but we didn’t do that this time because a few of us didn’t know Cantonese :T

We should do more surprise parties.

Then today we stayed in for most of the day, took it easy, I finished up blog posts, learned how to use taskSMASH (which is quite fun) and then went out for dinner at the Aberdeen mall… which would have been really cool if they didn’t close at 7. We got there too late 😦 So instead we went out to eat at a random Chinese restaurant that happened to be open. Seems like a lot of things around here close pretty early.

100_9579Then we stopped by a grocery store to make sure we won’t go hungry tomorrow… we didn’t have much of a breakfast or lunch today. It was a lot like 99 Ranch. The cool thing about it was that their carts/ hand baskets are one an the same!! Brilliant design really, we should have more of these at home πŸ™‚ We bought some food that should last us at least a few meals… and the experience was fun!

I really like spending this time with my bro πŸ™‚ He’s really cool. During dinner and the walk back home we started talking about really exciting business ideas. We’ll see how things work out in the future πŸ™‚

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