Adventure’s Out There!

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Yay! So now Elliot and I are on our own doing whatevers 🙂
We found this lovely place to stay (through craigslist) with a nice lady named Jennifer and her daughter. They frequently rent out rooms to travelers in the area. We’ll be staying here for about a week because its so nice!

We took at look at two other places before choosing this one.
The first one we saw was $40 for one bed, one desk, shared bathroom… and it smelled like smoke (even though there was a no smoking sign on the front door). It was quite an interesting experience. The neighborhood looked really nice except for that one run down house… the one we took a look at. So then we decided to look at a place; $55 for two beds, a dresser, shared shower, but a private bath… but no desk. Finally we came here! Lucky for her and for us 🙂 $40 for a room that had been made for 4 people to stay in, but they canceled last minute. Nice family, nice room, good price, I’m happy here 🙂

100_9558Quite an exciting first night, Jennifer suggested that we check out the night market which happens during the weekends during the summer, so indeed we did! We took the buses.

During one of the transfers we had a 20 minute wait so we decided to look around a bit. We found this park with lots of geese!! They were very friendly 🙂 I wonder if this is a normal occurrence around here…

100_9561The night market was a lot like how I would imagine the Taiwanese night markets are. It’s a lot like the county fair booths except its free to go. They have shows on the stage and an area of really good Asian food 🙂 In the little booths they sell… mainly Asian cute things. I bought some socks that were a good price and of very Asian design, my favorite! (in other words they’re interesting colors and have cute faces on them)

100_9564The food isles were the most popular and crowded. They had everything from “chicken parts” to “sumo burgers” (which consisted of rice pressed together to look like a hamburger patty and stuff like teriyaki chicken for the meaty area). We bought a few things for dinner and then some delicious Vietnamese drink things for dessert! I don’t remember what they were called exactly, but they were very delicious :3

100_9587 The remainder of our time there we spent looking for a nice iphone case for my new iphone!! Indeed traveling around like this and using public transportation… having a smart phone or some sort of GPS is essential. It’s definitely been fun using it. I really like the cover we picked out. Simple yet elegant. It’s also mostly my favorite color which is cool. A nice pristine white 🙂

Other than that we bought some yummy fruit! My first time having dragon fruit and mangosteen. Both very very delicious.

We ended up coming back later than expected and unfortunately the buses don’t run as frequently late at night. We took one bus then walked 1.7 km home. It was fun. It was cold. It’s a little scary.

I’m liking this adventure

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