Canada: Day 5 Lake Louis and the Teahouse


The beautiful Lake Louis! See those mountains faaaar off? Well in those mountains, approximately 3 miles from where I’m sitting is a little tea house. That’s where we went. Ohhhh yaaa 🙂

100_9272Right by this beautiful lake, very out of place is a hotel. The Fairmont Chateau. So expensive and classy that they couldn’t make it look a little bit more woodsy… they had to make it stick out like a sore thumb. My dad thought it was cool and had us take pictures of it from far away. Hahaha.

So yup, we walked a nice walk around the lake looking for furry woodland creatures.

100_9298This squirrel in particular decided it would be fun to climb up my leg like it was a tree. That was kind of scary/ fun at the same time. So we walked and walked… then the walk got kind of steep. Mom couldn’t make it and we had to leave her and Dad behind 😦

100_9371The road got very strenuous. At about the halfway point, my sister wanted to turn back, but it was too late for her! So we hiked and hiked. We took a few breaks to drink some soup and eat a little, then we went back to hiking. It took us a good… 2-3 hours? Till finally we made it to the teahouse! We had delicious tea (actually not really… berry berry tea… do not like) and delicious homemade scones (yes really delicious) and homemade apple pie (yum yum).


We also got to see many more squirrels… squirrels that were so used to people, they would climb on their hands and try to steal food away.

Then we went all the way back down. The downhill climb was a lot lot lot lot lot easier 🙂 Happiness!

100_9436After a good 6 mile hike, we were too late to go boating so instead we went into town and found the tea shop that matched the tea house in the mountains and had some deliciously hot green tea 🙂

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