Canada: Day 4 on to Banff!

And so we make our way slowly from Jasper to Banff  🙂100_0468 We took a stop to look at the gorgeous Maligne lake 🙂 it was a relatively foggy day (I’m not sure if its foggy from evaporation or its because there are lots of fires around the area, but the fog make a cool scene, unfortunately the camera sees more smoke than the human eye does :T so this picture turned out smoggy. We took a nice walk around a small portion of the lake. Raul liked taking pictures on the bridge. For some reason people who were passing by looked at him funny. They also looked at me funny.

We also got a chance to see some lovely waterfalls. 100_8978

We saw Sumwapta falls and the Athabasca falls. They were quite marvelous! I must say, after studying hydrology and some fluid mechanics, it gives me a different perspective and enjoyment in watching waterfalls and the different catchments where the water hits rocks and sides of caverns as it flows down into the lake. It was kind of fun watching people getting into their little rafts for white water rafting (downstream from the waterfall that is… upstream would be veeery dangerous).

We also got to go and see the beautiful glaciers!100_9133 By the signs and such, I could see that the glaciers have melted a lot in a short amount of time. Its sad not only because they’re disappearing, but also because that meant that the hike to go see the glacier was longer… but its ok, hiking is fun! Walking on the glacier seemed very tempting… until we read all of the information signs by the glacier, telling countless stories of people who fell through the ice and died of hypothermia… of the last 3 attempts to save people who fell in… none were successful. I also learned about glaciers in hydrology… or was it on a documentary on TV… either one, they’re pretty amazing.

Then we drove into Banff and got settled in our very comfy very gorgeous hotel! The Juniper Hotel. We went into town.

I got to try (according to Reader’s Digest) the best ice cream in Canada… Cow’s ice cream 🙂 We tried moo crunch, wowie cowie, cowrispy crunch, moople walnut, and another flavor I don’t remember the name of 🙂 100_9226

Isn’t the cow cute?

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