NorCal Summer Trip 2010

Left on Thursday returned on Sunday!

Very fun hustle and bustle. Scattered thoughts are all that I have right now.

102_8060 We stayed at the Santuccis 🙂 It was fun to see Evan’s family again and see Rosie again!! :T She still doesn’t love me. I guess I need to give her more treats and take her on long walks to bribe her into being my friend. We got to go to Boba TG again. Man. Being there really makes me want to own my own bakery 🙂 A small shop with tables for people to sit at. Play calming music. Sell little crafts and trinkets. Have little classes, regular customers. I wonder if I can get a part time job at a a bakery during the school year.

102_7992We went to several beaches, several piers, several watersides. I got to see people fishing actually catch fish! I must say, SF is pretty nice. Up north air is pretty clear. The weather is pleasant. I could get used to it. We ate at a cool food court. Pastilla is good. But its not something I would probably get again. Dolma is… interesting tasting… no thank you again. We finally got the famous Tucker’s ice cream. It tastes like a stiffer, more flavorful whipped cream 🙂 Its good… but for $3.25, once is enough.

Hello Kitty Car

But anyway… with all the going everywhere and doing the everythings, the best part was just getting to spend time with friends and family 🙂 Sitting in Barnes and Nobel looking at amazing pop-up books, reading really funny books on dragons, sorcerers, etc. Finding the ultimate Hello Kitty fan – a once in a life time opportunity. Talking in the car about stories we’ve written and TV shows we’ve dreamed up. Beating up a little Panda. Watching my friends play hunter. Playing Fluxx late at night. Driving in circles finding parking. Walking the streets late at night. I should have taken up the offer to play on the playground, but I didn’t want to make everyone wait :T Looking at old old antiques and laughing about the weirdest ones we could find.

Yup. That’s the best.

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