LTC was amazing! I highly encourage anyone who is considering going in following years to go 🙂

Some things I really enjoyed about how LTC was run:

  • Beginning the week with a 2 hour quiet time – after all the hustle and bustle of finals, I really needed that time to sit and quite my heart
  • Only having 1 message a day. I thought that was cool – having the rest of the day filled with workshops. The message really worked to tie things together
  • Having lots of campus times where you could do whatever your campus chose to do 🙂
  • Having the little elective workshops and Bible studies. I thought the idea of having the initiator’s story was an excellent idear
  • I liked how we got to do community service by gardening for a woman who had breast cancer. We got the chance to talk with her and she made us chocolate chip cookies

Things I like about random things we did:

  • Monday night we found the perfect spot for stargazing – I wish I could have done that every night… but I figured it was against the rules to sit out there by myself. The perfect spot at the oaks for stargazing: the playground 🙂
  • Going cherry picking at a nearby farm
  • Archery!!! I’m so amazed that Daniel hit that bottle cap…
  • Seeing rounds and rounds of helicopters
  • Hiking to the cross in the morning
  • Zip lining
  • Seeing two real live snakes!

Things I enjoyed about the people I met:

  • Sitting on the swings and talking about spiritual gifts, sharing testimonies, and wondering big theological questions
  • Sitting on couches and on the floor late at night discussing different Christian beliefs
  • Talking late into the night about visions to see a passion for prayer and a passion for the global church
  • Standing around talking about random random things
  • Getting to know even more about some of my favorite people
  • Getting to reconnect with old friends
  • Overall just seeing a deep love for Christ and the Gospel in almost everyone I met – seeing people who were going through similar struggles in ministry and listening how they can put all their strength and trust in our Lord and savior

102_7798 For some reason, even though I got to spend a wonderful week of great fellowship and training… I’m having a hard time processing life… whatever that means. I think there are too many things I want to do in life and not enough brain space to think about them.

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