Day 4: Sometimes I Can’t Think Straight

Today was our day of rest. Manuscripts started a half an hour later and there were no seminars for the day.

We had hoped to meet up with CEFC people for lunch, but there was a miscommunication and it fell through 😦

We went to White Castle for lunch! What a fun experience. Almost all the customers today were asian… most likely from the west coast. We saw some of Elliot’s TCF friends there 🙂

After eating a whopping 6 sliders we headed back. On the way we found a nice plot of snow 🙂 and in that snow we played for an hour. Freshly fallen snow is amazing! It’s softer than cotton (and colder).

Afterwards I just needed time for prayer and reflection… and sleep. After a little bit of prayer I found myself dozing off even with my eyes open so I decided to take a nap. After a half and hour I reluctantly dragged myself out because I had told myself to go finish looking at the booths today since it might be my last chance. It was a fun experience. Usually at places people tend to target me because I look friendly and the type of person who would say yes and because I smile at them as I pass by. I guess the same goes for missions conferences. I decidedly walked extremely slowly through the booths so that I could read the titles of all the booths. I guess they saw me slowly moving and looking at their signs and so almost every missions organization beckoned me over. Being the push over that I am, I went over and left with a handful of papers.

Interestingly OMF was the only organization that prayed for me 🙂

We finished off the day with our solidarity meal, which really wasn’t that bad, I’m sure hungry families have it MUCH worse. I did get to meet a girl named Stacie from North Carolina. She’s really cool. Both her parents are from Hong Kong as well and she’s a 3rd year Bio major.

In the meal we had a bread tortilla type thing and beans as well as 1 dixie cup of water.

We made commitments today to serve the Lord. I turned in my card 🙂 On the bottom we were to write a person we would share our commitment with to keep us accountable. I wrote a name on there… but after we had our family time I may have decided on a different person. At the time I didn’t really think about who to put on that line since my commitments made were pretty easy, but now that I think about it… I think I have a better one in mind, but I think I need to pray on it a little.

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