Day 2: First day of Seminars

Today was our first full day of the conference filled with fun 🙂
The day started out great with me getting my actual nametag and becoming the right Audrey and Evan getting to register 🙂

Unfortunately the line at the registration made us slightly later for the line for breakfast (blue berry muffins, an apple, and yogurt). Luckily it didn’t make us too late as we still made it in time for morning manuscript reading. The room became so filled that 20 or more people were actually turned away because even the floor space was gone.

I was able to stay awake for the morning’s sermon thanks to my stash of Bon Bons and my desire to take notes 🙂

For lunch I decided to join the UCLA get together which ended up being larger than anyone expected. We crowded into a Subway, but they ran out of bread after a little. The remaining people went to Quiznos next door, but the store soon got filled to capacity. We checked out an Indian restaurant nearby and they had already ran out of food. Darn me and my passiveness. So us leftovers went to a small convenience store where I bought my first Chimichanga. Luckily Christina also got stuck buying a $3 sandwich. A few of us went to one of the hotels and sat inside comfy and warm and ate our food 🙂 It was a fun blessing in disguise.

Then it was off to the seminars.
I was amazed when the architecture and Engineering seminar was filled beyond capacity. Unfortunately it was uninformative, stuffy, hot, and extremely uncomfortable 😦
The next seminar I went to on Developing Christian Community (or something like that) was not full, but very good 🙂 I’m glad I went! The speaker was engaging and interesting. She hit a lot of good points and even though they seem to be obvious, they were things that I never necessarily thought out into words and action.

After the seminars I had an hour to kill so I went down to the booths. I hit up the engineering group and I hope to apply for an internship for the summer. They have an information meeting later I hope to go to… though I wonder if it’s really worth my time. Perhaps I’ll just go and talk to the people at the booth and ask them more in-depth questions myself.

I also got to meet Erin, Katie’s friend from OMF. I like OMF people, so far they all seem very cool.

Then at around 6:20 I thought maybe I’d take a quick peek into the bookstore before lining up for dinner… to my surprise the dinner line had already started and had reached the exit to the booths so, I immediately was placed in line haha. The line took about an hour and I missed worship for the session 😦 but I did get to meet some interesting people. A girl named Sarah who is a zoology major from Ohio State and a guy named Drew who works for OM. I ended up sitting with him during the session. That was fun.

I like how we get to close the day off with our family group time and hearing about what everyone did and learned for the day 🙂 I shall look forward to the next one tomorrow!


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