Happiest Times on Earth

when you’re with the people you love working together to do random things.


Best Birthday Weekend Ever.
Went to Disneyland for over 18 hours with some of my favorite people and for once at a theme park, even in line, there was never a dull moment. For being in the park for that long, how is it possible that every single moment was exciting? My family in Christ is awesome!
Slept late and tired only to wake up early the next day to have a fun drive down to my Dad’s hotel, move furniture, clean the house, go people watching in Yogurtland , and have a night of fun with the Genesis teens for EFGHIJ at my house.
Went to spend the night at church and folded clothes until 2:30 in the morning only to wake up again in two hours and move more things for a rummage sale. Spent the next few hours in the blistering sun trying to sell things to random people only to have to move most of the items into the van and to good will – profit = $336.60 and a 25 cent Canadian coin.
Went to my Aunts house to see my family visiting from Hong Kong, but fell asleep on the couch for half the time, only waking up to take the group photo and play a game of Christian Taboo.
Went to sleep at 12 to make sure I got the allotted 8 hours of sleep before church. Had a great Sunday service, Sunday School, Spaghetti Sunday, and VBS meeting… on Sunday.

Total hours of sleep: 14 (not bad)
Trips to Yogurtland: 3 (at a different location each time)
Amount of Fun: unending

I’m ending the trend of seeing my friend everyday for the last 4 weeks.
I start work tomorrow at Onward Engineering.
Birthday vacation over.

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