I love my family

They make me smile 🙂

My Grandmother
Best grandmother ever.
I’m not sure how she puts up with all of us.
She sees me in my strangest moments, running up and down the stairs and around the living room with my sister shouting/singing and attempting to  harmonize random songs (and out of tune I might add). Sometimes I wonder what she thinks of me. “Oh dear, my granddaughters are insane … ”

My Dad
Best dad ever.
I don’t understand the depths of his patience. A lot of times… towards him… I act like a bratty kid. No, I don’t want to clean my desk. No, it’s not my responsibility. No, I don’t have time to… Dad, can you give me some batteries. Dad, where is the duct tape. Dad, can send this out for me. Dad, can you fill this form out.

My Mom
Best mom ever.
She’s had the biggest influence on my spiritual walk. It’s because she shared her struggles and allowed me to see the changes God made in her life, that I began to see what I want to become. A godly woman. I was sharing with a friend some of the issues me and my mom have been talking about; things we both struggled with. My friend was amazed… mom’s never share about their own weaknesses. I guess I take it for granted that my mom loves me so much, that my mom is willing to not only advise me, but to be ready to hear advise from me as well… makes me feel like my thoughts matter.

My big bro
Best big brother ever.
He is my hero. Ever since I was little, he has always been my hero. I’ve always hated it and still hate it any time people misunderstand his actions or get angry with him (even though I know I get angry at him a lot). He’s such a smart guy, smartest guy I know. He’s so determined, amazingly diligent. He’s so independent, ready to take on the world. And yet, he’s so funny, he’s such a kid.

My little sis
Best little sister ever.
No, I still don’t want to be big Amy… but I don’t mind letting big Sean have his fun. Sometimes I don’t feel I treat her right. It’s usually because I have a vision of what I want her to be, what I want her to know, how I want her to act, and what I want her to experience. I’m not her mom, but sometimes I feel like I am. I have so many hopes for her, so many things I want her to be and do. I want her to get to go to Costa Rica, to go to Europe, to experience things… and yet to have her eyes ever fixed on God and the race set before us. I want to her not make the mistakes I made, but to understand the things I learned through them and and … But she’s not me, I’m not her. She’s different and I love her that way.

The bunnies
Right now – really annoying… their home sure is a small place to be playing in right now… they sure are loud. But I like them any how.


Tonight, I didn’t appreciate them very much. I was reluctant to go eat dinner. I barely paid attention to them during fruit time. To tell ya the truth, I have very little recolection of what we talked about tonight. Maybe it’s just loading into my long term memory right now so it’s not accessible. I take them and the time I get to be with them for granted. Most families I know eat dinner whenever on their own time. I can’t imagine us not eating together if we’re at home. So many kids are reluctant to go on family vacations. Ever since I was little, family vacations were the best times of the year; I can’t wait for Japan. Most sibilings get into fights. I think the biggest fight I’ve ever been in simply involved angry eyebrows caused by things being messy and people not cleaning up after themselves. God, I am so blessed. I don’t deserve it. Why do I get all this? It kinda makes me feel bad, I’m an awful sister, daughter… granddaughter.

This summer
I want to ask my grandmother to teach me how to make bread and try to spend time with her doing the things she likes (and figure out what she likes that I can do with her)
I want to do some coding with my dad instead of brushing him off when he asks
I want to do bible study with my mom instead of telling her I have other plans
I want to hang out with my brother
I want to show my sister I love her
(ok, the last two are cheater statements… I haven’ t thought of something better yet)

I already made so many plans I feel like the summer is almost already over. What have I been doing with my time? Why are commitments so much harder to keep when I’m at home?

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